About us

     Matson Sales Group

Matson Sales Group represents companies that make fun, creative and innovative products. We care about the products we sell and most of all, who we are selling them to. Matson Sales Group has over 30 years in sales experience, with a proven track record of outstanding sales achievements.


We have a highly motivated team that prides itself on fostering a positive rapport those within the industry. It is our goal and mission to continue the growth and expansion of Matson Sales Group.


Matson Sales Group focuses on all facets of sales. Supporting brand vision and strategy. We analyze weekly, monthly and annual sales goals and growth. We keep abreast of the category and with our broad knowledge base, we always investigate new account opportunities and new product placement. From conception, set up and sales, we participate with vendors and work closely to find solutions to issues that may arise through the process.

45 West High Street, Somerville, NJ 08876  (908) 450-7611 • (888) 277-0201 • info@matsonsalsegroup.com